1e klasse Concordia 1 - HCC 2 (July 8th)

On a bright sunny morning, Concordia was riding high on their confidence after thrashing their top contender Ghausia last week. And that was demonstrated by our beloved captain who won the Toss and decided to use the winning formulae of batting first.

But it’s not same shit every day and proving that right, Agam and Shukla opened the innings where Agam was adjudged LBW on the very first ball of the match to sit for 49.5 overs in the sun. Shukla was then joined in by our inform batsman Charan. Shukla had his lucky day facing women empowerment as he called. But then he realized that he still had to send a long pending match report, he decided to accelerate (can’t find another reason) and after 2 really good technical shots 4 and a straight 6, he returned the favor and became a victim of woman empowerment yet again ;). Shukla, still waiting for the report J. With scoreboard flashing at 14/2, captain decided to adapt the batting lineup and brings in ‘the Vish ‘wall’’ to stabilize the innings. Both Charan and Vishal played some conscious and brilliant shots to steady the scoreboard. Charan keeping the tradition did hit a six over covers followed by couple of boundaries before he got caught and bowled at 19 by the HCC Coach leaving Concordia on 41/3.. This brings in Vikram to the batting crease with the hope that this is the day where he will score big. Once again, Vikram & Vishal (sounds like Vikram and Betal) showing the depth of our middle order played some brilliant shots and then Vikram decided to clear the long on boundary but to only find the fielder and got our on 19 as well with Concordia on 68/4. Vishal was then joined by Tiggy on the Concordia rescue mission. Tiggy started well like our other batsman but decided to continue longer than others. Very quickly Tiggy reached his well scored 50 runs followed by a drinks break. He didn’t like people feeding him little amounts of water on the ground and he decided to come out edging to the wicketkeeper on 50 with Concordia on good score of 144-5 after 37th Over. BTW when he came out he said he wanted AA and not water, so something to take care for the next time J. Vishal who was showing great temperament on the field holding the crease on one side was joined by ‘the Skipper’. Skipper started quite well and seems very convincing with his batting but then HCC had a hunch and they saw Shukla in Sid. They knew how to get him out. So HCC once used the woman empowerment and Sid didn’t disappoint HCC. After a beautiful boundary over covers Sid played a straight shot in the air and was brilliantly caught just outside the inner circle with his score of 12 and Concordia at 167/6. Shukla was happy that he is not the only one supporting woman empowerment. The wall was then given the company of Prashant ‘the Mama’ and what happened after that was not imagined by any one of us. Before anyone could realize mama had hit 4 boundaries in no time. Anything he was playing was coming in the middle of bat and was very soon rushing to boundary. It was a love triangle between Bowler, batsman and boundary. But we soon realized that it was Prashant’s way of telling to Sid – how on earth you went to bat ahead of me ;-). Anyways Vishal could not take this anymore and he wanted to join in Prashant’s love triangle but only to pull ball back to the bowler’s hand. Vishal’s brilliant innings of 45 come to an end. More than 45 runs, it was the time Vishal spent in the crease providing much needed stability to the Concordia innings. His wicket left Concordia at 170/7 in 41st over. Vishal’s wicket didn’t make any difference to Prashant who was still high? Just dealing with the boundaries. He was then joined by our own ‘AB Manu’ who after scoring quick 12 runs thought - oh shit, I have to bake lunch breads. Such a nice guy he is. Which also means Srijith, our in form bowler gets to bat. Srijith who is always hungry for wickets and food, also thought he would not get anything to eat if he stays in bit longer and got out on 2 runs leaving Concordia on 218/9. Prashant was then joined with EK debutant left hander Akshay who got first ball on the pads but not adjudged out to the joy of machi on the other end. After the end of 48th over Prashant came on strike and dealt with only doubles to stay on strike with a single on last ball of 49th over. On the first ball of 50th over, Akshay wanted to run a single only to find Prashant’s leg stump going on lunch break after fast and furious innings of 41 runs. With this Concordia finished their innings on 234, which we were quite happy with looking at the start we had and the bowling lineup we have.

Traditional Concordia lunch was then served in the club house. We made sure that there was no bread left at the end of the break.

HCC sent in their opening pair a O Klaus, the Batta (thrower?) and  D Hennep, the Bachha (kid). Sirjith as usual started the proceedings from club house end. Like his bowling action, O Klaus also had orthodox shots only towards third man or deep backward point. He hit 6 boundaries in that area. While he was accelerating the score, Srijith got us a break by getting wicket of D Hennep LBW on individual score of 2 and HCC at 35 in the 7th over. Siddharth then joined Srijith to provide us 2nd wicket caught and bowled their batsman at the score of 44/2 at the end of 8thover. While wickets were falling on one side, O Klaus was still busy playing his favorite shots and scoring runs. After 10th over, Sid decided to change bowling and got his most trustworthy bowler Agam ;-) to get rid of O Klaus. But it didn’t work in the first over. On the other end, Sri was replaced by Shukla who in his 2nd over got the crucial wicket of O Klaus on his score of 37 and HCC on 69/3 after 15th Over. Agam was then asked to sacrifice his bowling spot to Charan who didn’t disappoint. The Spin duo of Shukla and Charan troubled HCC by Charan spinning the ball and Shukla with his flights only J.  After the fall of O Klaus, HCC never seemed to be back in the match. Shukla finally ended up taking 5 wickets and Charan ending the HCC innings with a real quick ball (faster than Sri) on the total score of 101 in 23rd Over giving us more time to drink after the match.

At the end it was a very convincing victory for Concordia by 133 runs, who retain their top spot in the EK table and a great chance to win the league.


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