2e klasse A - Concordia 2A vs VRA4 (July 1st)

VRA INNINGS (158/10)  36.1 overs

The day started on high spirits with the captains motivational speech, and from the demeaning loss from the previous game, Concordia was determined to make the best of every opportunity to grab this home game.

VRA winning the toss, chose to make us field first. As usual the 2A’s bowler in form Ayush started at one end and Hari decided to take on from the club house end. VRA’s opening batsmen (Giri) displayed some good cricketing shots putting the bad as well as the good balls across the ropes. Well, ayush was in no mood too to see his good balls being belted to boundaries and decided along with our (Dhoni Jr.) Mr. Reddy to see the first batsmen walk to the pavilion.

Hari’s bowling skills also complemented from the other end dismissing the next batsmen for a sexy clean plumb. The opening bowlers supported each other well from both the ends putting VRA under pressure with the loss of 3 early wickets under the 10 over mark.

VRA’s 4th and 5th wickect partnerships looked strong, post drinks. Although bringing in the spinners seemed to work putting a check on the score board, but with no luck with the wickets. This is when Bala decided to strike back with his always googly balls :p, taking the batsmen by surprise. Along with Sartaj paaji and Bala, Vikram delivered a brilliant spell, each of them claiming one wicket each.

The opening bowling pair jumped back into action rampaging opponent side with some clean bowling. Finally VRA’s batting collapsed at 36.1 overs with Ayush delivering an absolute stunner of the first ball knocking off the off stump.


It was the same salad and bread and some spreads.

CONCORDIA INNINGS (159/1) 24 overs

The target seemed not too much for the Concordian side to chase, considering th fast outfield and not so huge total on the score board. Rakshesh dropping off due to injury, meant that Mr. Reddy had to step up into the opener shoes once again.

Our Bahubali along with the very patient opener Mr. Bala put Concordia to a very good start for the 150 odd chase. It was indeed overwhelming to see Reddy playing amazing text book cricket. A special mention has to be made to the humongous six coming off his straight bat which flew over the roof of the club house. The opening pair blazed with an amazing partnership untill Reddy decided to walk back after a well deserved half century getting caught to a very poor delivery (as usual :p). Hari as first down along with Bala made sure to see Concordia to the other side.

Special comments:
1.     The rest of the team apart from the scorer at the pavilion we're super busy watching football. (May be they trusted the batsmen that they would chase it as a peice of cake :p). But all said, some support from the team eases the stress for the batsmen on the feild.
2.     Improved feilding and bowling performance. (Special mention for kashyap, taking an absolute blinder of a catch :D)
3.     Constant talk on the feild motivating each other.

1.     Wides although under control, need attention.
2.     A couple of miss feilds. Did not cost runs as much, but suggests towards feilding practice.

Thats all from my side guys.
(Sorry Captain for the extreme delay! :P)


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