Match Report 2B vs Qui Vive Home 4/8

Vidwath is considered as the man with golden hand in toss. Every time he flipped the coin, natures conspired in favor of his choice. But his luck was taken away by some mysterious force for last two matches.

Concordia lost the toss and fielded first.

our captain with saibaba hairstyle (god man in india) opened up the bowling. Sharma ji got our 1st breakthrough with a full toss and for another good length ball their keeper tried closing the bat prematurely, which ended his innings prematurely as well. Then came some hard hits from another opener, which was momentary until he fell the the same sharamama ji in longon (Should appreciate his field placement). Their middle order looked stable for a while until akshar planned the dismissal of settled batsman. In the mean time our hero vishal dude got injured for his superb (😉) fielding skills. In between Ibrahim mama arrived in shorts almost in  yo-yo honey singh costumes. Phani became pinchpenny in the middle overs, keeping  the middle overs tight and curtailed score. The batsman who whacked three clean sixes was looking dangerous, but this time ibrahim baba cleaned him off with perfect aerodynamic yorker, which is delight to watch. In the end Vidwath, siddarth and geetha did a decent job in restricting the score to 204.

Oh wait !!! the senior most player of 2B, shriman Faizal was disappointed for inadequate juice and questioned the floor leaders to provide adequate food next time.

Here comes Our Batting
Vidwath look tensed, as vishal couldn't bat. In form Akshar opened up with out of form Ankush. This match helped ankush in two ways, getting his touch and 2nd being the pictures i took which he eventually posted in instagram and facebook for showoff (😂 ). Ankush took time to find his rhythm and showed dominance with few elegant shots. Akashar timed the ball well, more than that the spectators enjoyed the pose he gives in between every delivery). Ankush was out with well made 41. And then came yakoobi, he started with bang (sixx) on his 2nd ball showing off his arrival. But the mood in dugout is so tensed, as we don't know the outcome of this wild horse rider. But akshar looked calm and composed, playing his trademark singles and rotating the strike regularly.
In that nail batting draw on 24th July,  the valorous innings by Siddarth (Mukesh) sharma emerged  inspired ibrahim to take on the bowlers.  He spared no one. Middle overs reminded me  harsha bhogle comment "We have surgeon (akshar) on one side and butcher (of course Ibrahim, who else ?) on the other side. Yakoobi fell on his 69, and then came his fellow Afghan jalebi Faizi. By the end akshar was close to his half century, but he could comple his 50 at the mercy of the greatful Faizi baba. It remainded me of t20 match between Ind vs SA in 2014, where dhoni blocked final ball for kohil. The jinx of Phani worked hard on akshar ( Dei out aavadhe, unnodiya average korayum - "dude don't get out, your avg will reduce). Then we got to know the power of phani's tongue (akshar walked back).


    The top order contribution eased our target.
    Consistent improvement in death bowling.
    decent fielding


    we're being too defense with a single hit while bowling, switching on the panic button. Rather our response should be either defensive/attacking based on the situation we are in.
    We need to improve on throws from deep and long on. Vignesh impressed everyone with his accurate and direct throws to keeper. We should work on it.
    coordination while giving calls and running.

PS: Thanks to our billy bowden (Vikram who learnt 4 vedas) for his umpairing.

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