OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s HBS 2 (24-July-2016)

“Their openers aren't reliable, their tail is weak, and their fielding isn't impressive. Does that stop them from winning spectacularly? Of course not”. This recent quote from Andy Zaltzman describes best the home game for Concordia (playing for the 10th time in the season and) against table toppers HBS.

It was the home team’s turn to show who plays like Neruppu Da. This wasn’t due to shaky batting display, but due to one fiercely stubborn partnership, followed by bowling and fielding of good standards.
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3a: Concordia DSV 2 v/s Punjab 3 (17-July-2016)

Title: The win of the Crooks
Concordia under the leadership of Dada, the great elected to bat and put up a formidable total of 249 in 40 overs with splendid performance from Hari, Sajjad and combined effort by the rest. Unfortunately, as the superstitious cricketers would say that the PCC ground is not in favour of Concordians, where the veterans have already practised not only the art of slogging, sledging but also cheating. With these characteristics combined with a non-disciplined effort from the Concordians, the home team  took away the game  from Concordians
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OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s Groen&Wit 2 (10-July-2016)

After making two untimely changes in the team, the captain, Tiggy manged to win the toss again, surprisingly for two times in a row. Adding to that, another shocking surprise was given by the opposition team by playing two kids of age 13, 10 in the match(last time it was only one kid, as said by one of our teammates).

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3a: Concordia DSV 2 v/s Punjab 4 (03-July-2016)

Hari stars in Concordia’s 77-run victory 

Concordia managed to comprehensively beat Punjab 4 in a crucial encounter which was a fitting reply to the loss that they had suffered earlier in the tournament. The in-form batsman Hari carried on from where he had left off in the previous game and the opening batsman Arun and middle order batsman Prashant gave a solid foundation for the team to build a competitive total of 236. The opening bowler Aayush and the leggie Prashant chipped in with 3 wickets each to seal the deal and give Concordia that all important win.

Apart from the coin not falling in Dada’s favour, everything else went according to plan for Concordia. When the visitors won the toss, they had initially chosen to bat first but changed their mind (as Faizal shouted “Dada bowling” from outside the boundary and confused the visitor captain) and decided to put the home team into bat as the two captains made their way back to the dressing rooms.

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3a: Quick 3 v/s Concordia DSV 2 (26-June-2016)

It was one of those days when things fall into place nicely even when there were uncertainties in the beginning...
We got to the beautiful facilities of HV&CV Quick to play against their 3rd team which joined our league midway through the season having come down from the league above.
It was a nice welcome while we waited for the already running 20-20 ZoMi game they were playing to make good use of their field twice in one day. After a bit of chit chat and coffee we surveyed the rest of the facilities and prepared mentally to go for something solid. Smallish field with fast outfield due to artificial turf and a plain mat just laid over the the turf.
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OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s VRA 2 (26-June-2016)


Match Summary

Toss:            VRA 2 won the toss, who chose to field

Scorecard:     DSV Concordia (247-10  in 38.3 overs)

                  VRA 2 (147 all out in 28.3 overs)

MOM:           H Patel (Tiggy)

Match Preparation

After Saturday’s win over Groen en Wit, the Concordians preparation for the next match was already started.  This means that alcholic guys of our team have decided not to drink more than 2 beer, which shows a commitment of the team. Of course, non-alcholic guys have also decided not to drink more than 2 chocomelk or coco cola. The reason is still unknown to the author :p.

Anyways, on a serious note, Concordians were focussed and well prepared for the match. Tiggy, the captain of OVB has decided to change the coin, in order to win the toss which he has not able to do so for a long time. Although, each of the team member’s were quite confident of losing the toss, and eventually we lost the toss. Fortunately, VRA team has decided to field first and luckily we got what we wanted.  We were happy to bat, as it seems batting pitch with no grass on the pitch :p. The Concordians were well prepared and focussed. The idea was to put a good score on the board. 

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OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s Groen&Wit 2 (25-June-2016)

Toss: Won by Groen & Wit, elected to bat

First innings: Groen & Wit -222/8 in 40 overs.

Second innings: DSV Concordia - 223/6 in 34 overs. 

The match scheduled between Groen & Wit(away game but played at Concordia) was cancelled due to rain earlier. On the rescheduled day too, the weather was very gloomy with a forecast of occasional rainfall. Groen & Wit, who won the toss, decided to bat first. Their previous victory in a T20 match in lieu of the cancelled league game was lingering in everyone’s mind and we were expecting a similar kind of batting from the Groen & Wit batsmen.

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OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s Quivive 2 (19-June-2016)

Team effort in a sweet victory !

If at all there was a time when the gloominess of this week decided to take a break, that was only for our 4th game of the OVB Klasse….Maybe losing track of that, the so called strict umpires of Overgangsklasse (whom we are slowly getting used to) probably OVERSLEPT, and were kind enough to send an email saying that they would not be available for the game :P. I think everyone can guess what followed…

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3A: HBS 3 v/s Concordia 2 (18-June-2016)

Hari fires again!  Concordia chased down a formidable target of 217

 Concordia chased down a formidable target of 217 in the 40 over away match played against HBS3 at Den Haag, on the shoulders of the in-form batsman Hari (83*). The chase had all the ingredients of an exciting cricket match with some good quality bowling and batting, runouts, sharp catches and an adrenaline rushing on-field spat/drama (‘Ram’ayan) which continued after the match as well.

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Cricket: 3A: Concordia v/s Ghausia CC Feijenoord 3 (12-June-2016)

Match Summary

Toss:                  Gausia CC, who chose to field
Scorecard:         Concordia (266-4 in 35 overs)
                      Gausia CC (129 all out in 32.1 overs)
Star Players:      Harikrishnan Pushpakumar, for his elegant 88
                       Prashanth Srinivasan, for his leg breaks (7-1-22-3)
A Comprehensive 137 runs Concordia Victory
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Cricket: Toc d'Or: Concordia v/s HCC (06-June-2016)

We played our first match in the Toc d'Or (The Golden Guard) against HCC Zami 1. There was some confusion about the number of players and it turned out that I had include Casper in my mind, but not in the list. So we dropped him off at home and were 18.20 at HCC. We played at their main field which is very nice, but it was a bit slow in the outfield.


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Cricket: 3A: Concordia v/s Sparta 3 (05-June-2016)

Openers lay solid foundation in easy Concordia victory. 
A 74 run opening stand between Arun and Rajeev helped Concordia post a decent total of 223 for the loss of 6 wickets on a sluggish wicket and a slow outfield after being put to bat by Sparta. In reply, an over defensive Sparta batting line-up could only manage 191 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in their allotted 40 overs, aided by a few lusty yet mistimed hits in the second half of their innings although it was too late by then. 
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Cricket: OVB: Concordia v/s ACC (05-June-2016)

It was a perfect day for a game of cricket.i mean what better weather you can ask here in Holland. After all the formalities of overgang i.e. putting the side screens, rope, 30 yard circle etc. etc. it was finally time to start the game. Our beloved captain didn't let us down and as usual per expectation lost the toss (has been lucky for us) and that led opposition (ACC) bat first.


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Cricket: 3A: Concordia v/s Punjab 3 (29-May-2016)

The toss was won by Dada this time and this year, the luck has been in favour of Concordia mostly. It was a nice day for cricket, the moderate temperatures and very less rain forecasted for the day. Concordia had 3 new entrants in the 3A side compared to the last team, namely Balram, Pallav and Prashant. A special thanks to Anand for fielding in for one over for Ashim, who will writing this report is already feeling guilty.


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Cricket: ZaMi: VCC v/s Concordia (28-May-2016)

We played at the field of Excelsior as VCC too is struggling with fields now that football is still going on. Little consolation we are not the only ones with that problem. Unfortunately we were not allowed to play on the grass wicket of Excelsior as today they have THE local derby of their first team against HDVS. If you want to see a crowd for a regular cricket match in Holland, you have to go there.


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Cricket: ZEK: Punjab CC v/s Concordia (7-May-2016)

 The toss was won by Concordia and Captain William Decided to bowl first due to the uncertainty about the pitch and the umpiring by the opposition. Team Concordia had a good mix of experience and debutants and this Eventually PROVED to be a bit too much for the Punjab CC.

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