Pragramma 2020

HURRAYYYY! Cricket is back in the Netherlands. KNCB now has the permission to conduct "regular" competition starting from the 1st of July. This means that EK will be playing 50 overs competition, Klasse 2A / 2B will be playing 40 over matches and ZaMI will be involved in 35 over battles sans promotion or relegation.

This also means that we will have regular practice every Wednesday between 18:30 hrs and 21:00 hrs.

The competition schedule for each of the teams can be found below.

European Championship Program 2020

Date Opponents Home / Away
05/07/2020 Qui Vive 1 Home
07/19/2020 Tourist Office 2 Home
26/07/2020 Green and White 2 Home
02/08/2020 Excelsior 2 Away
09/08/2020 Centurians 1 Home
08/16/2020 VCC 2 Away
08/23/2020 Eindhoven 1 Home
30/08/2020 Punjab 2 Away