Cricket: Toc d'Or: Concordia v/s HCC (06-June-2016)

We played our first match in the Toc d'Or (The Golden Guard) against HCC Zami 1. There was some confusion about the number of players and it turned out that I had include Casper in my mind, but not in the list. So we dropped him off at home and were 18.20 at HCC. We played at their main field which is very nice, but it was a bit slow in the outfield.


HCC batted first and our bowling was fairly tight and the fielding was sharp. They never managed to really accellerate and after 20 overs they had 123 runs on the board. Ashim and Vidhvodh had a wicket each and Jan Willem 2.
Our start was very good with quick running by Sasi and Faisal and the run rate was over 7 runs per over. Faisal got run out because of a misunderstanding with Sasi, they had just ran 4 runs and Faisal was still recovering as he was a bit low on energy for Ramadan. Shortly after Sasi gave away his wicket with an uneccessary shot and was caught. Than Balram and Ashim were batting well taking the singles doubles and triples until Balram got out unlucky by a ball hitting his legguard outside leg stump but falling into his wicket. Vidhvodh started well but was also run out by a misunderstanding with Ashim. Then Jan Willem came in and played over a slow yorker and was bowled for just 1 run. The run rate was still over 6.5 runs per over, but Ashim got a bit worried about all the wickets falling quickly. Satish was the next one in and again the start was good until he too played an unneccessary air shot and was caught. Last man in was Anand and Ashim was trying to take most of the strike until he took a chance on a fumble but was run out by a very good throw to the wicket. In the end we were all out for 80+ runs in 12 overs.
Afterwards we had diner in the clubhouse and enjoyed a few drinks thinking over all the things that could have been and should have been done differently.
- Jan Willem
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