OVB: Concordia DSV 1 v/s Quivive 2 (19-June-2016)

Team effort in a sweet victory !

If at all there was a time when the gloominess of this week decided to take a break, that was only for our 4th game of the OVB Klasse….Maybe losing track of that, the so called strict umpires of Overgangsklasse (whom we are slowly getting used to) probably OVERSLEPT, and were kind enough to send an email saying that they would not be available for the game :P. I think everyone can guess what followed…


Innings 1

Henceforth..Tiggy won the toss and chose to bat. The AGAM style kicked us off quite well, as he produced a flurry of well struck boundaries to a quick 17, before skying one of his pulls into the hands of mid on. Manu and Tiggy calmly went about the first 10 overs, with some well timed strokes (such as Manu’s flat batted slap over the bowler’s head) and some good running between the wickets. Manu’s innings ended in the 11th over when the score read 55, as he was bowled by a quick, close-to-yorker length delivery..but by then, we had a solid platform to launch upon. Sricharan joined Tiggy and was getting into his zone straightaway with some well timed shots into the gaps.The pair made a solid 60 run partnership with sensible 1’s and 2’s ( Yes…Tiggy was panting in between..Never mind )and strike rotation, as they weared down the bowlers of Quivive. After a well made 40, Tiggy was out to a leading edge from his leg glance back to the bowler Amit Rode. Sricharan who was looking good, also followed suit quickly, as his pull was well judged and caught by Rode. Vikram and Sid looked in control to take it across the middle phase, before Sid, after a start, mistimed a pick-up shot to Rode at Mid-on. Girish joined Vikram, who was slowly get his eye in. Sensing that they were gaining an upper hand, the Quivive medium bowlers settled into quite good rhythm of bowling a stump-to-stump line, without extras. Girish hung around and drove a couple of boundaries in the cover region, before being undone by a slower delivery, LBW trying to flick. It was the last quarter of the innings and Vikram began his part along with Shukla. Vikram was able to score quite freely in the V, thereby unsettling the bowlers. Of course the big shots also kept coming, such as the monstrous straight hit beyond the club house, raising the ‘insurance topic’ again in the dugout. Playing positively, Shukla was the perfect foil to Vikram, as he rotated the strike brilliantly, and also found the odd boundary with some well timed shots over cover and mid-wicket. The pair made 67 runs in a little close to 7 overs which brought the score to 233. Trying to push the total, Shukla was bowled by Rode after an important 33. Vikram smacked a couple of 6s to reach his 50, but eventually holed out to Rode(agaaainnnn),  !!! Srijith and Anthony did their bits with some quick foot in the last 2 overs, and the innings ended with CONCORDIA – 253/8 in 40 overs, a commendable score.

Quivive were smart in taking all the chances that came their way, restricting the already high score in a way. It looked like there were 2 or 3 Amit Rodes in the field, as he was Quivive’s best fielder, taking 4 catches, one of which was off his own bowliing.

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