Concordia gaat over op alleen Pin- en Clubcardbetalingen

Maandag 1 oktober

Het bestuur heeft besloten om te stoppen met de zogenaamde cashbetalingen. Deze geven extra werk en kosten en veroorzaken regelmatig kasverschillen door menselijke fouten. Ook is de afhandeling op piekdagen met onervaren barmedewerkers complexer. Door over te gaan op alleen Pin- en Clubkaartbetalingen reduceren wij complexiteit en kosten.

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Match reports

2e klasse B - Concordia 3 vs Kampong 3

Concordia 3 256 -2 (30.2 overs) v/s Kampong 3 254-7 (40 overs)

Going into the last home game of the season, the team morale was high considering that we had won consecutively five games at home and looking to make it six. Captain Vidhvat was just back from India, happy to lead, but partially annoyed by the Etihad cabin crew, air hostesses in particular for not letting him sleep during his flight. He straight away went to set the boundary while Sid, Geetha (on time for a change), Rahul and Ankush were setting the sight screen. Special mention for Faizi and Rupert who carefully selected which stumps should be used for the match. Shortly the opponents arrived and there was a familiar face in Pawan who was termed "Desh drohi" by Faizi. Soon, Vidhvat walked out for the toss with their captain, Poort, only to lose the toss and being asked to bowl.

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Match Report 2B vs Qui Vive Home 4/8

Vidwath is considered as the man with golden hand in toss. Every time he flipped the coin, natures conspired in favor of his choice. But his luck was taken away by some mysterious force for last two matches.

Concordia lost the toss and fielded first.

our captain with saibaba hairstyle (god man in india) opened up the bowling. Sharma ji got our 1st breakthrough with a full toss and for another good length ball their keeper tried closing the bat prematurely, which ended his innings prematurely as well. Then came some hard hits from another opener, which was momentary until he fell the the same sharamama ji in longon (Should appreciate his field placement). Their middle order looked stable for a while until akshar planned the dismissal of settled batsman. In the mean time our hero vishal dude got injured for his superb (😉) fielding skills. In between Ibrahim mama arrived in shorts almost in  yo-yo honey singh costumes. Phani became pinchpenny in the middle overs, keeping  the middle overs tight and curtailed score. The batsman who whacked three clean sixes was looking dangerous, but this time ibrahim baba cleaned him off with perfect aerodynamic yorker, which is delight to watch. In the end Vidwath, siddarth and geetha did a decent job in restricting the score to 204.

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2e klasse A - Concordia 2A vs VRA4 (July 1st)

VRA INNINGS (158/10)  36.1 overs

The day started on high spirits with the captains motivational speech, and from the demeaning loss from the previous game, Concordia was determined to make the best of every opportunity to grab this home game.

VRA winning the toss, chose to make us field first. As usual the 2A’s bowler in form Ayush started at one end and Hari decided to take on from the club house end. VRA’s opening batsmen (Giri) displayed some good cricketing shots putting the bad as well as the good balls across the ropes. Well, ayush was in no mood too to see his good balls being belted to boundaries and decided along with our (Dhoni Jr.) Mr. Reddy to see the first batsmen walk to the pavilion.

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