Cricket at Concordia

DSV Concordia is the only cricket club in the student city of Delft. Approximately 50 players represent the club in cricket, a number which has steadily increased over the past few years. Players can choose to play cricket at a competitive level or as a recreational activity by joining one of the four teams that the club fields this year.

The teams compete in the domestic league competitions governed by the KNCB (Dutch National Cricket Board) every year. This year, the club competes at the First Class (Eerste Kalsse), Second Class (2A/2B) and ZaMi levels. Matches are played on weekends. You can enjoy playing cricket and have a drink or two afterwards at the clubhouse. The club has its own facilities, with training usually scheduled on Wednesday evening. The newly constructed training nets are also available (at all times) if you feel the need for more practice.   

The club is also looking for supporters that can sponsor the match ball for the upcoming season. As a sponsor of your chosen match, there will be recognition on the club’s official website alongside the post-match report for the sponsored game. Match ball sponsorship for the first team is 60 euros and sponsorship for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams is 20 euros.   

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