KNCB Programma 2022

A complete season of cricket is back in the Netherlands after two truncated seasons (due to COVID-19) in the previous two years. KNCB now has the permission to conduct a complete cricket season starting from the 24th of April. This means that Concordia 1 will be playing a 50 over competition in the Eerste Klasse, Concordia 2/3 will be participating in 40 over matches in Klasse 2A / 2B and ZaMi will be involved in 35 over battles sans promotion or relegation.

This also means that we will have regular practice every Wednesday between 18:30 hrs and 21:00 hrs.

The competition schedule for each of the teams can be found below

Concordia 1 - Eerste Klasse

Concordia 2 - 2nd Klasse (2A)

Concordia 3 - 2nd Klasse (2B)

Concordia ZaMi - ZaMi (Poule 3)